Chris Ward

Android Developer

Hi. Thanks for popping by!

Welcome to my shiny new website. My name's Chris. I'm an Android developer and I live in Berlin with my husband Josh and my cat Sulu.

I started my career many moons ago in .NET, writing web apps and data migration tools. Since then, I worked for the Lib Dems for a period covering the 2010 general election and part of the coalition government, a branding agency in the internationally renowned WPP network, a gay dating app and in Fintech. I currently work for Germany's #1 real-estate app, ImmoScout24.

My portfolio is diverse and that's something I'm proud of. To me the important thing is the product and, if it fascinates me, I want to work on it. I'm a sucker for apps that do some good in the world too.

Outside of the workplace I'm a bit of an activist. My husband and I together developed the LobbyALord platform which helped get the UK's same-sex marriage bill through the House of Lords. It was so effective, we were even thanked by the Prime Minister for it.

I'm a former district councillor and, when the Lib Dems were in government, I succeeded in changing party policy on MSM blood donation. I was deeply involved in the campaign to Remain in the European Union and as Chair of the UK's LGBT Humanists I raised human rights concerns at the UN Human Rights Council.

I moved to Berlin in 2017, my favourite city in the world. Here I continue to code good things, hide from Brexit and slowly become fluent in German!

As of September 2020 I am studying for an MSc in Artificial Intelligence remotely with Bath University.

Things I can do


Kotlin, Java, Coroutines, Android Jetpack, RecyclerView, Location Services, Databinding, Retrofit, RxJava, Dagger 2, Glide, Google SDKs, Facebook SDK, SQLite, Room, LiveData, MVP, MVVM, React Native.


React, HTML 5, CSS, JS, Wordpress


MySQL, MS SQL, exposure to MongoDB/PostgreSQL.


C#, PHP, Java

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